Drea's Professional Artistry Blog

  • It's a Mindset: Finding Confidence Within Yourself as a Makeup Artist.

    As artists, we are talented, we know what we're doing, and we love what we do, but sometimes it is fear that is limiting us from allowing our best work to shine through.
  • Overcoming Envy and Competition in the Beauty Industry

    Let’s face it, wherever there is skill and talent, there will always be competition and envy, however it is only if we switch our attitudes we can truly enjoy our craft and be the bests artists we can be. 
  • 5 Ways for Beauty Professionals to Grow Their Businesses Even During COVID-19 Quarantine

    Although COVID-19 has limited us beauty professionals from physically taking clients, it doesn't mean we can't still grow our businesses. Here are 5 tips to stay booked and busy during the pandemic.