My Drugstore Beauty Favorites

Hi everyone!
In my last blog post I talked about kit building as a makeup artist. I understand that building our kits can be hard on our wallets sometimes-especially as a beginner- so, I thought I would write to you all today sharing some of my must have drugstore makeup products that could be either great for yourself or your makeup kit that are affordable and also work amazing! 

1. Elf Hydrating Camo Concealer and L'oreal Infallible Full Wear Concealer 


These are probably my top pick! These two concealers are everything! I love them both- however I love the ELF Hydrating Camo Concealer a little more! Both of these concealers are thick in consistency which I love for carving underneath the brows, creating cut creases, and for covering dark under eye circles for a bright under-eye. Ever since I found these two concealers, they are always a must for myself and  in my makeup kit as a makeup artist! Try them for yourself if you haven’t already- you won’t regret it! 

2. DUO Transluscent Lash Glue - The one in the green packaging! 

Some of my favorite things to carry in my kit are products that I can use in a variety of different ways. This is one of them! I love using this lash glue not only to glue on eyelashes, but also to groom my brows into place with a small amount on a spoolie using it to brush brow hairs upwards and give them a laminated look  that will stay all day or also to adhere loose glitter either in a line or all over the lid! Who knew you could use this product for things other than just lashes! If you will be using DUO eyelash glue for things other than lashes like I just previously mentioned, make sure it is the one in the green packaging! The DUO lash glue in the blue or black packaging will not work the same. 

3. Milani Facial Oils 


These facial oils are great for dry skin. Since I layer on many layers of makeup like foundation, cream contour, powder, powder bronzer etc, we have to begin with a flexible base so that way our makeup does not crack! This can be done with moisturizer, but if we want extra moisture, this is a great option! Our makeup is meant to move with our facial expressions- if it doesn't, our makeup becomes like a hard mask and cracks especially maybe on laugh lines and forehead. These facial oils do the trick- layer on a couple of dots before applying your makeup for a smooth flexible, and dewy finish. 


4. Wet N Wild Contour Stick 

I love cream contouring! When selecting a cream contouring product, something I always look for is creaminess so that way I can blend product effortlessly. This is a great drugstore option for cream contouring! Apply it on cheekbones and blend out in tapping motions with a dense contour brush to give the effect of a deeper cheekbone and overall add more color and luminosity to the skin.

As you can see, not everything in our makeup kits has to be prestigious brand;  these are some of my favorites as a PRO that I always find myself using. If you are a beginner and are building your kit, definitely consider trying these items if you haven’t already! 

Hope you enjoyed this blog post! Let me know what you would like me to write about next! :) 






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  • Hi Drea, I love all of these products! I have purchased some before taking your class and some during! I definitely love the way you multi-use your products. Thank you for always sharing with us ❤️

  • Love love love this! Thank you ❤️

    Michelle Soto
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