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COURSE TOTAL: $1,025.00

Please read entire description before submitting deposit. 

We are excited to announce that instructor Drea is now teaching IN PERSON at her brand NEW private studio in Vista CA! Join our 8-week makeup and mentorship course where each week you will learn a variety of different looks and makeup techniques but be also mentored to make makeup your career!  Whether you are new to makeup with a curiosity of being a makeup artist or an artist wanting to brush up some skills, this class is very hands on and everyone can learn. 

First half of class is theory/demonstration. Students will sit and watch a live demonstration, and be able to actively engage in asking questions.

Second half of class is hands-on work. Students are encouraged and expected to bring their makeup that they have at home, or purchase any recommended items to bring to class. They will be practicing the look/theories taught in the first half of class on themselves or on a model. Students will have the opportunity to have 1-1 assistance with Drea as they are practicing. 


Instructor: Drea 

Course Begins: Monday, September 12th 

Course Ends: Monday, November 7th 

*course will observe all U.S. holidays*

Time: Meeting every MONDAY 5:00pm-9:00pm. 

Where: Drea Makeup Studio in Vista, CA 

This studio is private and is not open to the public. A welcome email including the address and directions will be sent out to all students upon submission of this deposit within 1-3 business days.  

Getting Started: 

  • A non-refundable deposit of $150 that goes towards course total is required to enroll and reserve your spot in the course. This deposit SECURES your spot in the course, will cover the payment for first day of the course and covers the cost of materials and certificate of completion. After this deposit is paid, you will be emailed from after 1-3 business days confirming that you have been added to the course. In this email you will also receive a contract to review, sign, and also select your payment method to continue the rest of the payments for the course.  

Payment options: 

  1. Pay $125 weekly. Payments are processed at the beginning of each class. Electronic payments only, NO cash is accepted. 
  2. Pay $875 on the first day of class in order to fulfill all remaining payments and pay off entire course. 

What is included: 

  • 8-weekly 4 hour meetings 
  • Brush set 
  • Steel palette & Spatula 
  • Instructional workbook 
  • Certificate of Completion upon completion of all classes 
  • End of course celebration 

What we will be covering: 

  • Sanitary Makeup Practices 
  • Setting up for a client 
  • Skin prepping 
  • Color correction (Covering dark spots + redness)
  • Color matching foundations
  • Creating a long lasting base
  • Very requested natural glam 
  • Cream and powder contouring 
  • Smokey eyeshadow technique 
  • Halo eyeshadow technique 
  • Glitter cut creases 
  • Color combinations
  • Color theory 
  • Eyebrow variations
  • Eyeliner
  • Bridal glam 
  • Quinceanera Glam 
  • Receiving PR / Working with brands 
  • Marketing yourself on social media 
  • Networking 
  • Creating a portfolio 
  • Growing a clientele 
  • Charging more for your work   


Disclaimer: This course is NOT meant to substitute a state board cosmetology program, licensing, or curriculum. 

 Please direct all questions to: 


Q: Do I need a certificate or license to do makeup? 

A: No. The state board of cosmetology does not regulate makeup in the state of California. There is no makeup license or legitimate makeup certification that exists, therefore there is no school granted authority to license artists to perform makeup applications. 

Q: So I don't need a license or certificate to do makeup? 

A: No, in the State of California you don't need any of these things to freelance or do makeup professionally. A "makeup-license" or "makeup certification" only indicates that you shadowed or learned from a PRO but doesn't give one more rights than another without it. 

Q: Why should I take your course and not another school/instructor? 

A: In any industry or skill that you would like to advance in, it is great to find mentors that you can learn from based on their techniques and previous experience so then you can apply that into your own work. Drea has been a makeup artist for over 6 years and has gone from being an over-looked makeup artist to OVER-BOOKED. Truly starting from the bottom, she has taken all of those experiences to now share with her students. Drea has also taken many workshops and classes in her career to make her the artist she is today. The more you open yourself up to learning from others and staying up to date with trends, the better you can become in your craft.