Drea Makeup Co. was created with great detail by SoCal Pro Makeup artist, Andrea Cardenas, also known as Drea. From the age of 16 she had a killer interest in the art of beauty and as she grew with her passion, made it her career as a makeup artist after many people telling her that makeup was simply only a hobby. She began her journey by doing makeup on close friends and family members. Once she started college she wanted a job that she could focus on school during the week but also be able to make ends meet. She used the power of social media to advertise her work and was very booked out for many weddings, special events, and even celebrity makeup.

After a few years of freelancing, she wanted to help other women achieve their makeup goals as well. Drea was scouted and hired as a makeup instructor in Los Angeles for 2 years where she taught many students 1-1 and helped them jumpstart their makeup careers. Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Drea thought this would be the perfect opportunity to move on to the next level reach students all over the country and began teaching virtually via her makeup and mentorship courses.  Drea has also been a mentor to hundreds of makeup artists all over the country helping them turn their "hobby" into a business. 

Through her ventures, she took note key products that are essential in every look; one of these many products were eyelashes.

Drea has designed 8 pairs of long lasting 100% 3D mink hand crafted lashes specifically designed to enhance every eye shape and for a comfortable wear. Drea Makeup Co. stands by the durability of their lashes, so each pair  includes a box specifically made for storage for long term use freeing the lashes from collection of dust.

Drea wants to bring a positive experience to you whether it be by taking an in person or virtual course, purchasing a lash style, or reading a blog post. We appreciate and thank you so much for all of your support!