It's a Mindset: Finding Confidence Within Yourself as a Makeup Artist.


What’s limiting you from doing clientele makeup? Is your biggest fear that your client isn’t going to like the finished product? Are you afraid of awkward situations? Are you afraid you’ll take too long? The common factor here is FEAR. F.E.A.R. stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.

When I first began taking clients at the age of 16, I was definitely no where close to where I am now. I felt that my best work was not reflected on my clients maybe because I was nervous and felt fear that my clients wouldn’t like the finished product.  Below are photos from when I first began doing makeup to present day. Maybe I wasn’t horrible back then, but my talent really shined through when I let go of the fear, grew confidence and of course, practiced a ton, got lost in the art, and never gave up. You would be surprised how much you can progress in your craft when you do so, it is a MINDSET. 

My work in 2016 
My work in 2019-2020 

Here are my tips to find confidence within yourself as a makeup artist, especially when working on clients: 

  •  Always be prepared. As an artist, this is key! Stay stocked in advance with your favorite clientele products, make sure to get a good night’s sleep the night before you work, dress professionally, look the part, do your makeup even if you have to wake up at 3AM, and most importantly, show up on time. When you are fully prepared, you will feel that much more confident in yourself as an artist;  it will show a great image of yourself and raise your confidence to convince yourself you got this and you're ready to glam some faces! 
  • Communication is key! When you do clientele makeup, communicate as much as you can with your client. The truth is, we aren’t mind readers. Sometimes, I have clients that tell me to do whatever look I want on them. I love this, but it can also be hard because what I have in mind may not be what they actually want. Ask questions like “Are you going for more of a  dramatic, or natural look?” “What style of lashes are you used to?” “Do you prefer a matte or a dewy look?” Asking questions like this creates a common ground for you and your clients that way you can do exactly what they want and you can both be on the same page. You should feel confident that your client trusts you, however, you have to remember sometimes what you prefer as an artist will not always align with your client.  Communication is so important and you will feel so much more confident in your work if you know you're giving your client exactly what they want. 
  • Make the experience enjoyable, have fun! Talk to your client, ask them if they’re excited about the event they're going to. Maybe it’s their wedding! Bridal parties are my favorite because I am often around bridesmaids who are around my age and it feels like I'm with my girls. Whenever I’m glamming a bride, I pretend like I’m getting a close friend of mine ready for her special day and instead of being nervous, I am excited and it’s so much more enjoyable. Of course, remain professional but have a good attitude and turn stress into happiness; switch your mentality and enjoy the moment. When you let go of fear, have fun, and get lost in the art, your nerves will calm down and you will feel so much more confident. Trust me, it will reflect on your work! Especially if you need that steady hand to do liner, this helps! 
  • Take pictures of all your clients after you’re done with your work. Go home and study them. Analyze where you think you could improve on and practice on those areas so that way the next time you do someone’s makeup you are a lot more confident and you will become better each time you do this. Ask a close friend or family member for constructive criticism. 

You know what you’re doing, you have practiced, you are talented, you have experience, and you can do a great job. Remember, your client is booking YOU because they like YOUR work, that should be a compliment in itself! Be confident in yourself, trust yourself, and let go of fear in order to let your talent shine through! Even I get nervous sometimes, but when I follow the tips I just gave you, it makes me feel a lot better!  



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