Overcoming Envy and Competition in the Beauty Industry

Let’s face it, wherever there is skill and talent, there will always be competition and envy. Maybe it’s you who’s envious of someone, or maybe you feel someone is envious of you, but before we get into this concept, let’s understand why it exists in the first place. This is something especially prevalent in the beauty industry because we are artists. We have a talent. We have a special touch, appealing to the eye. A talent that others see, love, admire, and support, but sometimes, unfortunately envy. According to, envy is “a feeling of discontent with regard to another's advantages, success.” 

The truth is that within the beauty industry, it is extremely impacted with such amazing artists. There are artists who pop off on the gram with bomb new looks every day with a ton of great engagement, 100’s of comments on their pictures, thousands of likes, and you see them working with big brands. Many would applaud, see them as an inspiration, but then there's others who feel discontent with seeing their success. Because the industry is so impacted, there is a sense of pressure to get recognized, and often some wish they were in the position that someone else is in.

Here are my tips to overcome this envy and competition in the beauty industry:  

1. Genuinely ENJOY your craft more than trying to do it for likes, comments and reposts. Take a second, relax and have fun with it. Perform your talent  because you genuinely want to and because it makes you happy- not for any other reason. It’s better to have a platform where you genuinely love what you do and for people to see that authenticity shine through. Continue working on your craft, share it with the world, maintain a good attitude, and I promise your success will follow. Be patient! 

2. Switch your mentality. Something many often forget is that beauty is supposed to be FUN. We are supposed to enjoy ourselves and the entire process. If you catch yourself feeling envious over a fellow artist on the gram because they got reposted, they got 100’s of comments/likes, take a second and instead ask yourself… how can I be like them? What can I learn from them? Switch your mentality and also don’t let your pride get in the way of supporting another artist. If you like that artist’s tutorial, let them know in the comments! Supporting another artist, does not mean you are setting yourself back at all.

The industry can feel competitive, yes but remember it is a marathon- not a race. Everyone will cross that finish line as long as they remain consistent and with great attitudes! Let’s exert that energy into ourselves! There is room for success for everyone! If you catch yourself feeling envious or overall just the pressure of competition, take a second to breathe and realize you are doing the best you can at that very moment. You should be your only competition, constantly trying to be better than the entrepreneur, artist, and overall person you were yesterday.

 Hope this blog posting gave you a new perspective. Stay healthy, safe, & positive! 



  • I’m absolutely loving your Blog post you’re speaking nothing but facts! I’m so glad I came across your instagram page a couple years back because you’ve inspired me in so many ways. You’re a very hard working women from being a student, to teaching, and uploading makeup tutorials. I appreciate your hard work because I’ve learned so much from you. You are someone I look up to because I can see how you love what you do and you’re a genuine person overall with a great personality. Best wishes beautiful 💕 can’t wait to get glammed by you again 😇

    Stephanie Castro
  • Your posts and blog posts have helped me a lot during this Quarantine. My nerves have been shit because I live in New York City (the heart of the virus). I am an MUA and it’s hard not being able to do my work. But learning new techniques on myself has helped. Thank you for being you.

    Bianca Ramos
  • Do it because you love the art and the craft. The rest will follow. Gods plan for you will be different than gods plan for someone else.

  • I’m loving your blog posts atm! I try to have this positive outlook anyway, so reading this is a good reminder to love what you do! If you do so, then you’ll attract people who love what you do too! Love ya Drea 💓

  • I loved this completely true I loved it 💕✨Your so talented & beautiful boss babe✨

    Reyna Real

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