5 Ways for Beauty Professionals to Grow Their Businesses Even During COVID-19 Quarantine

 A common struggle many makeup artists, hair stylists, barbers, nail techs and other beauty professionals are currently enduring is not being able to take clients due to the stay at home order put into place because of the disastrous COVID-19. Although as beauty professionals we are up to date and educated on proper sanitation, we have to abide by state orders. Many of us professionals are out of work during this pandemic, how could we still keep our business up? In this posting I'll be sharing 5 tips to stay booked and busy! 

1. Continue posting your work 

During this quarantine, many of us are on our phones more than usual. For me, doing makeup on others is my business, and I advertise my services it no different than a physical product. I love reposting clientele content of my best work. This reminds your audience/clientele on your social media platform that you definitely still exist! For some, maybe this pandemic is happening while someone is planning their wedding and if you remain active by posting, you could potentially pull new clients. Overall, don't go ghost! Continue to feed your audience your brand and what you do. 

2. Organize your Instagram feed 

I know this is something I tend to lack because creating a specific aesthetic on my feed is time consuming. For many, our Instagram feed is our business portfolio where we showcase our work. With this quarantine, take time to delete any unnecessary posts or maybe old promotion posts you've posted in the past to create a clean page. Creating a clean instagram page creates more of an eye-catching presence for your audience or potential clients. Maybe begin a new type of feed with similar filters and texts. For example, on my instagram clientele makeup portfolio, I keep it clean with only clientele photos and videos as my type of aesthetic. 

3. Learn new trending techniques in your industry 

Right now since many are at home, a lot of professionals in the industry have offered online seminars or classes to continue working. In our industries, trends are constantly changing and the learning will never stop. Take this time to maybe learn something new and by the time this quarantine is over, you'll have some new techniques under your belt. You would be so surprised how makeup trends are different in other countries! Lately I've been trying to enroll in an online makeup class in another country to learn different trends! One I would love to take is by Plouise in the U.K.! I am currently also teaching a makeup class online through Mimi's Glam Room every Tuesday morning! I have students tune into my class all the way from Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Massachusetts, and Minnesota! It is so awesome! 

4. Stay on top of your client inquiries 

A common mistake I make as a busy college student, artist, instructor and business owner is that I can take a while to respond to my client inquiries. Right now that I am spending so much time at home, there is no excuse not to be responding to clients promptly. When I first became a makeup artist back when I was 16 years old, I noticed that I grew my clientele largely and quickly because of how quick I would respond to my clients. Now that I have a larger scale of clients, I tend to unfortunately not prioritize it as much, but it is important at the moment since like many, I am not taking clients at the moment. What I can do is at least book those that are interested for later in the year. I encourage you to do the same! Make sure your email notifications are turned on and try to respond as soon as you can. A lot of times when someone is trying to find a makeup artist for a special event, they message more than one artist. If you respond quickly, you are increasing your chances of them booking you over someone else.


5. Brainstorm new products/services your can offer your clients 

One example I have brainstormed in the past on my free time was to offer touch up kits for my clients, more specifically for my brides! This would include mini things such as a small cosmetic sponge, a little bit of setting powder and lipstick in small container- which you can find at Daiso! And viola! You have something additional to add to your service! Brainstorm ideas by focusing on ways to secure your services. For me, I brainstormed the touch-up kits because I wanted to show my clients I cared that their makeup stayed on all day. For you maybe it could be doing something like this, or maybe even creating a booking website so that way it's easier for your clients to book you! Try thinking outside the box! 


Although COVID-19 has limited us beauty professionals from physically taking clients, it doesn't mean we can't still grow and nurture our businesses. By practicing these tips, we are still working! I hope you enjoyed these 5 methods to maintain momentum. Stay healthy, safe, and focused! 

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