Top 5 Questions You Should Ask Your Client When Doing Their Makeup

Today I am here with a blog post that contains information I wish I would have known when I began my career as a makeup artist. When I first began doing makeup at 16 years old I was blind to the fact that not everyone will want their makeup done the same or want their makeup like how I do mine. I found myself at times doing makeup on clients without really asking them what they wanted or taking the time to get to know their likes and dislikes when it came to makeup; I made the mistake of assuming. Over time, I discovered how important it was to ask my clients questions in order to consider them and their tastes so they are happy with the final look. 

Here are 5 questions I commonly ask my clients when I am doing their makeup: 

1. “Do you usually wear makeup?”

Although you are being booked out to do their makeup, it does not mean the client that you are about to work on wears makeup everyday. This is a crucial question to ask your clients because it can determine whether or not you do a complete look, or maybe do the look with a lighter hand. If someone is not used to wearing a full face of makeup every day, chances are they may feel weird with super bold brows if they never fill in their brows, chances are they will feel weird if you place a big strip lash on them if they never wear lashes, and if they never wear heavy contour, chances are they will feel weird with that too.

It isn’t that you are doing a bad job, it is just simply not something they are used to on the daily. In essence, we don’t see our clients every day so it is tough to know what they may or may not be used to. Or maybe they never wear makeup but they want a dramatic look? In that situation you would have to communicate that they may feel slightly different because the amount of makeup that would be applied would be more than what they are used to. Ask lots of questions to increase communication with your client in order to make them the most comfortable with the look they are going for and try your best to get on the same page. 

2. "How's your skin? Dry/Oily/Combination? Do you prefer a dewey or matte finish?"

Asking this question is key to the products you will be using on your client. You should moisturize on all clients- regardless if oily or not- in order to create a flexible base for the makeup to layer on nicely. If oily, use a mattifying primer and a heavier amount of powder. If dry, add on a facial oil. If combination, moisturize, but maybe use a mattifying foundation or primer with a hydrating setting spray. It's all about balancing it out!

We all may have an issue with our skin and as artists, asking this question is crucial for a long lasting application that will compliment your clients' skin type. Some clients with oily skin are known to want more of a matte finish while clients with dry skin tend to want a more dewey finish- but before you assume, ask! Asking your client these questions also shows your client that you care and that you are doing your best to get to know them and the skin you are working on. 

3. "What kind of lashes are you into? Dramatic or natural?"

I love wearing huge lashes! But that doesn't mean all my clients love wearing huge lashes as well. Makeup is not cookie cutter; everyone’s tastes are different- even if we think a certain style may look good on them. In my makeup kit I like to have a variety of different styles so my clients can have a variety to choose from. I enjoy recommending some that I think would look great on their eye shapes but I ultimately like showing them the styles I have brought with me.  My clients' top picks for lashes that I will bring usually are the styles Chula, Sandy, and Libra

4. "Have you ever had your makeup done?"

I love asking this question because it gives me the opportunity to know if they liked something in particular another artist did on them or if they want something different. It’s one step closer to understanding their likes and dislikes when it comes to makeup. If it's their first time, I usually like to thank them for having me and for trusting me and proceed with asking them what their normal makeup routine is like and if they would like something softer or more glam that day. 

5. Lastly, “Are you excited for today?” 

Doing makeup on a client should be an enjoyable experience for both the client and the artist- whatever the event may be whether a wedding, a birthday party or maybe even just dinner! Engage in polite conversation and show interest. In this moment, it is all about your client and making them feel their best- not only on the outside, but the inside too! :) 

These are just a handful of questions I like to ask my clients when I am doing their makeup. Communication is key! Most clients won't tell you exactly what they want right away so instead of assuming, ask! For all my mua's just starting out, I recommend you begin asking more questions and talking during your appointments. We are not mind readers but you are the artist, you are the professional, so communicate as much as you can by asking the right questions so you can do your best work! I notice that by asking more questions I am eliminating any room for assumptions and my clients and I are the happiest when we are on the same page. 




  • Just want to start off by saying that everything I learned in your course Drea I have applied to my Artistry & Business. I have seen results of course with the hard work put in. I’m not where i need to be but I’m not where I used to be. Thank you for giving me the refreshening I needed to gain self confidence again in what i truly love to do. Thank you for your eagerness to teach you are such an inspiration & for your continuous support and mentorship love you girl…. XoXo

    Marilyn P
  • Thanks so much for sharing this with us 💗 me as a girl who is starting to form part of this Mua industry this is very helpful information for me it feels good that people like you share their ways and techniques to make it easier for us✨

  • Very thoughtful tips Drea, thank you for all the kindness you share💗

  • Such amazing questions to ask ! After taking your course I have put this into practice and I have had a peace on mind with the outcome of the makeup. Before I wouldn’t ask and would always leave worried about them not being completely happy with their makeup. Thank you Drea for sharing your knowledge with us ❤️


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